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Announcing Collaboration Today
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 10, 2012
The content you will find on Collaboration Today is a compilation of current and relevant news for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals focussing on IBM products and technologies including IBM Connections, IBM Lotus Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Sametime.
Documents and Spreadsheets with XPages – the Idea (Part I)
Christian Guedemann - Sep 7, 2012
How to use Velocity in xPages
Andriy Kuba - Sep 7, 2012
Simple example of Windows native library declaration and usage in XPages
Ulrich Krause - Sep 9, 2012
Submissions to the fourth OpenNTF Development Contest listed on
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 7, 2012
jQuery in XPages #15 – Trunk8 (Adding “read more” to your paragraphs)
Mark Roden - Sep 6, 2012
NotesIn9 072: Reviewing Domino Designer
David Leedy - Sep 6, 2012
XPages Webinar Series with TLCC and GBS
TLCC - Sep 6, 2012
Building XPages servlets with FacesContext access
Jesse Gallagher - Sep 6, 2012
Java Persistence API for Domino via Annotations
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 6, 2012
A Custom Control for dojox.widget.Toaster
Jesse Gallagher - Sep 5, 2012
Explore the benefits of XPages Hompage
Mythlimani - Sep 5, 2012
Using Social Controls in XPages
Tony McGuckin - Sep 5, 2012
ITWU XPages Enabler for IBM Lotus Notes Domino Legacy Databases
Stephan Schramm - Sep 5, 2012
We have revamped our webinars and videos page
Maarga Systems - Sep 5, 2012
Instant Validation Textbox using Regular Expressions
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 5, 2012
Sexy Bookmarks
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 5, 2012
Quick-and-Dirty CKEditor Toolbar Setup for XPages
Jesse Gallagher - Sep 4, 2012
A Couple Updates to My Domino-One-Offs Repository
Jesse Gallagher - Sep 4, 2012
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition
John Head - Sep 4, 2012
OpenNTF Development Contest Update
Niklas Heidloff - Sep 3, 2012
schmhen's Blog » XPages – Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap Part 2
Henning Schmidt - Aug 30, 2012
On OpenNTF: Notes Workspace for the Web via XPages
Niklas Heidloff - Aug 30, 2012
OpenNTF XSnippet: Rich Text Editor - NSF Custom Plugin Extension
Tony McGuckin - Aug 30, 2012
REST Services with the XPages Extension Library
Thomas Ladehoff - Aug 30, 2012
NotesIn9 Event! Drive to 99!
David Leedy - Aug 29, 2012
Video: XPages messaging app
David Leedy - Aug 29, 2012
Teamstudio Launches Unplugged 2.1
Teamstudio - Aug 29, 2012
New OpenNTF Project: mypic Avatar/Profile Service
Niklas Heidloff - Aug 29, 2012
As part of the OpenNTF development contest sponsored by hedersoft, Jeremy Hodge has contributed a new XPages app - mypic.
How to Enable Social Tools Through XPages
Scott Sullivan - Aug 29, 2012
Create a responsive layout with Twitter Bootstrap – #1
Henning Schmidt - Aug 28, 2012
IBM XPages: A game-changer for Lotus Notes Domino application developers
Chris Toohey - Aug 28, 2012
On OpenNTF: mimeDominoDocument Data Source to store Java Objects without Size Limits
Niklas Heidloff - Aug 27, 2012
Jesse Gallagher open sourced a mimeDominoDocument data source.
Important Tip when comparing values in Java
John Jardin - Aug 27, 2012
ne. Here’s a quick post that might save you a lot of time. With some programming languages like JavaScript, @Formula or LotusScript, to compare a String value is pretty simple.
Taking Notes Episode 166: 2012.08.27 - The Evolution of XPages
Bruce Elgort - Aug 27, 2012
Russ Maher of QDiligence (@russelmaher) and Paul Calhoun (@ptcalhoun) of NetNotes Solutions talk to us about the evolution of IBM's XPages rapid application development platform.
IBM XPages Custom Controls: Portlet and titlePane
Chris Toohey - Aug 27, 2012
I tend to attack the actual development phase of a project the same way most authors work on a manuscript: blast through, getting it on the page (warts and all), just to fill the page.
mimeDominoDocument Data Source
Jesse Gallagher - Aug 26, 2012
mimeDominoDocument is an XPages component that acts like a normal xp:dominoDocument data source but does transparent serialization/deserialization of "MIMEBean" data ( via getValue(...) and setValue(...).
jQuery in XPages #14 – TOC
Mark Roden - Aug 26, 2012
In this article I will demonstrate how to implement the jQuery plugin TOC (Table of Contents) into your XPage and let your users select the section of the document they want to scroll to at the click of a link.
The upcoming myWebGate Release 1.2 – some Pictures
Christian Guedemann - Aug 25, 2012
It was not on our wish list or requested. But Richie Schmid has found a brand new api in the WebKit of the latest chrome browser. It extends the capabilty of the browser to use a webcam.
iNotes List View, iNotes Calendar View – Accessing The Object
Paul Withers - Aug 24, 2012
Earlier today Julian Buss asked in a blog post about how to get the unid of a selected document in the iNotes List View. Even though I wrote that chapter in the Extension Library book, I was a little baffled myself.
Fun with @DbLookup
John McCann - Aug 24, 2012
This is a re-post of an earlier item to fix a bug in the code, add more diagnostic information, and recreate the item after an update exceed the 32K limit on a field.
SSJS: Execute remote SSJS Code
Sven Hasselbach - Aug 24, 2012
I have created a small helper class to run SSJS code from a remote server. The basic idea behind this class is a question on stackoverflow.
New content on / user contributions
Julian Buss - Aug 24, 2012
The first three are contributions by users, thanks for that!
SSJS: What’s “this”?
Sven Hasselbach - Aug 24, 2012
In Serverside JavaScript the keyword this always refers to the “owner” of the function which is executing, or rather, to the object that a function is a method of.
Nice simple OneUI XPage layout section with dijit.TitlePane
Mark Roden - Aug 23, 2012
In this article I will demonstrate how to make a nice looking layout section on your XPages which goes well with OneUI.
How not to find things
Devin Olson - Aug 23, 2012
Yesterday my buddy Tim Tripcony suggested I check out watrCoolr on OpenNTF.Org. I was interested in real time data serialization and MIME entity conversion, and Tim's application does exactly that.
Quick-n-Dirty: @ClientType() in XPages
Sven Hasselbach - Aug 23, 2012
The @ClientType formula provides an interesting behaviour: If you add the value to a label, the result will be as expected. It returns “Web” in Browser and returns “Notes” in XPiNC.
Domino Designer Shortcuts, Build Project and Quirks
Paul Withers - Aug 23, 2012
Some time ago Nathan Freeman blogged about making Domino Designer work the way you want, lots of excellent productivity tips for improving performance of Domino Designer. One of these was to turn off Build Automatically.
XPages Updates in the next Maintenance Release
Niklas Heidloff - Aug 22, 2012
The slides of the Open Mic Webcast "Developing XPages Applications - 7 August 2012" have been published. In this webcast several IBM XPages developers talked about XPages updates in the next maintenance release 8.5.x.
MWLUG 2012 - AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages Project
Andrew Barickman - Aug 21, 2012
Andrew Barickman's session on XPages.