Submit Demos and Resources

If you want to add demos or resources to, please send a mail to support at and put the word "OpenNTF" somewhere in the subject (to prevent spam). You can also send mails to the same address if you want to update or delete your entries.


Please define on which page and in which category your entry should be placed.


Please send us an icon (140px x 140 px as png), the subject of the entry and the actual URL.


Entries are sorted alphabetically in each category.


On the demos page various types of entries can be put. If you want to add live demos, we require you to open source the application on OpenNTF.Org first and provide us with sample data for your application. In the video section we only accept videos that show primarily end user functionality of applications or controls rather than 'how to develop' videos.


On the resources page we accept commercial entries for services and training. Commercial products need to be submitted to the IBM Lotus Business Solutions Catalog. In these two commercial sections each company can only be listed once.